Pharmaceutical facility "Pharmex Group" is unique not only for Ukraine but also for the countries of the CIS, as it was originally designed and built in accordance with the requirements of GMP and ISO. The industrial complex has the most modern equipment (produced in 2008, made in the USA and Europe) and meets the highest international standards for pharmaceutical production.

Production potential and capacity:

  1. Total production area - 32 000 m2
  2. The area of industrial plants - 6000 m2
  3. Area of research labs - 2 200 m2
  4. Clean room area:
    • Class B - 240 m2
    • Class C - 270 m2
    • Class D - 1450 m2

We specialize in manufacturing and packaging of medicines in various forms.


  1. solid dosage medicines:
    • tablets
    • film coated tablets
    • capsules
  2. soft dosage medicines:
    • ointments
    • creams
    • jells
    • suppositories
  3. injectable medicines:
    • solutions in vials
    • solutions in prefilled syringes
    • lyophilized powder in vials

"Pharmex Group" is an innovative company that actively develops and introduces biotech products of the last generations — an important direction in the implementation of national programs on import substitution, particularly in segments:

  • B – Medicines which influence the system of blood and blood forming organs
  • L- Antineoplastic and immunomodulating medicines.

The other important competitive advantage, enhancing company's technological competence, is unique for Ukraine production of injectable drugs in prefilled syringes in disposable packaging (unit-dose).