The policy of "Pharmex Group" concerning quality is the expression of general principles, mission and goals of the company. We realize that we are responsible before consumers who use our product, for its high quality. Our work is guided by the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP EU) and ISO.

Our goal is the creation of products on the level of world-class quality, which meet the consumers' demands. To achieve this goal all employees are oriented.

Multi-level quality control system covers all stages of the production process — from sourcing of raw materials for medicines, proper supervision of each process step to the delivery of finished products to the consumer.

The main components of a quality control system of Pharmex:

  • multi-level control;
  • highly skilled professionals with years of experience in leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and the USA;
  • separate departments of quality assurance and control;
  • the most advanced equipment for quality control;
  • regular supplier audit and monitoring of purchased materials.

Complex of quality control laboratories can analyze all parameters of raw materials for production, and made of them dosage forms. The analysis is carried out on a number of biochemical, chemical and biological indicators. Laboratory of Quality Department is equipped with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers of Europe and the U.S.

Complex of quality control laboratories and pharmaceutical development center received a certificate of qualification number PT - 0110/08 dated 24.04.2008 and number PT - 144/08 of 23.05.2008, respectively, issued by the Ukrainian State Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Consumer Rights Protection.

Technology "clean rooms" (monitoring of material flow: raw materials, semi-finished and finished dosage forms movement) eliminates the possibility of contamination of all the abovementioned. All materials used for the construction and equipment of production facilities have international certificates and are authorized for use in pharmaceutical industries.

Our partners are the world's leading manufacturers and the largest engineering companies:

The company «Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery Inc.» (USA) secured line installation for the production of medicines in the forms of tablets and capsules.

Company «V2 Engineering Sri» (Italy) was responsible for the installation of packaging line of soft medical forms into cartons and shipping boxes.

Experts of widely known company «Inova Pharma Systems GmbH» (Germany) provided the setting up syringe line with the maximum mechanical performance of 9500 syringes/hour, and «Millrock Technology» (USA) – provided lyophilization equipment LD85S3 with the option of closing.

No less important is the partnership with such companies as Polish «BWT Polska Sp.z.o.o.» (production and distribution of clean environments, solution for injections), Italian «IMA Libra Srl Unipersonale» (automatic line for filling sterile medication vials) and «Fasinternational Srl» (equipment for validation and calibration of work processes in pharmaceutical industry), German «Seidenader Maschinenenbau GmbH» (machines to inspect pre-filled syringes and vials) and British «DOP Solutions LTD» (equipment for clean rooms).

Pharmex’ products quality includes not only the best equipment, but also the quality of substance, excipients and components of reputable manufacturers!

Among our suppliers of pharmaceutical raw materials, auxiliary materials and components are widely known companies in the world: «Colorcon Limited» (Great Britain), «Becton Dickinson France S.A.S.» (France), «Thuringer Pharmaglas GmbH & Co. KG», «West Pharmaceutical Services Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG» (Germany) and «Farmachem SA Machineries & Marketing» (Switzerland).