Environmental safety

Manufacture of drugs by "Pharmex Group" is completely clean technological process, laid down on the stage of construction of the industrial complex. We regularly carry out a detailed environmental control of all objects of the company and the environment. 

This important task is assigned to the sanitary laboratory company. Also, regardless of the latter, appropriate conservation measures are realized by state sanitary-epidemiological and ecological services of Boryspil town. 

All manufacturing technologies and equipment fully comply with international standards of environmental safety ISO 14000, adopted in Ukraine in national level. Preventive measures, as well as continuous monitoring of environmental indicators, are aimed to minimize the formation of hazardous wastes and to prevent accidental releases and discharges. 

Pharmex — manufacturer of European standards in Ukraine, providing European quality, contemporary product portfolio of drugs, European standard of marketing support and promotion. Choosing medicine of Pharmex you sure of the result and the reasonableness of your choice.