New Pharmacy Producer: "Pharmex Group"— high-quality medicines for vivid life.

Despite complicated economic situation in the country, 2011 began with a significant event: a new domestic pharmacy producer emerged.



On January 27th 2011 "Pharmex Group" — one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine and CIS countries — was greeted by numerous guests visiting the plant in Boryspil. The official opening ceremony was attended by over 200 people. Among special guests were Mr. Anatoly Prysyazhniuk, Head of Kyiv region state administration and his deputy Ms. Tetyana Podashevska; Mr. Anatoly Fedorchuk, mayor of Boryspil town; Mr. Oleksiy Solovyov, Head of State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products; Mr. Oleg Remennyk, head of Main Administration Office for Healthcare at Kyiv region state administration, as well as main officials of Kyiv region healthcare administration, chairpersons of healthcare establishments and pharmacies of Kyiv region and mass-media representatives.



The participants had an opportunity to assess the immensity and up-to-datedness of the project while visiting production site and laboratories of "Pharmex Group" pharmaceutical research and production complex.



The excursion program was focused on multilevel products' quality control, which grasps every stage of production cycle and meets GMP EU and ISO requirements. The control is fulfilled by highly educated specialists with many years' experience of working at leading pharmaceutical plants in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and the USA. Quality assurance and control departments of "Pharmex Group" are provided with the most modern equipment.



The enterprise possesses a laboratory complex including physicochemical, microbiological, biological and validation laboratories.



Pharmaceutical development center of the company is equipped by the most modern technological and analytical instruments and devices, which allows developing the compositions and quality control methods and techniques according to the highest international requirements.



The other important advantage is unique for Ukraine and CIS production of injectable drugs in prefilled syringes in disposable packaging (unit-dose).



An essential strategic direction of "Pharmex Group" activity is innovation component in the domain of development of medicines and medical immunobiological substances. The company conducts active scientific research-and-development activities aimed at import substitution of healthcare goods with own-produced high-quality and affordable medicines and biosimilar products.



The company pays special attention to the social aspect of its activity. That is why "Pharmex Group" was one of starters of the project for pharmaceutical aid to population and healthcare establishments of Kyiv region, with understanding the pressing problem of economic and physical affordability of medical goods for average people of Ukraine.



Recently the plant finishes debuting manufacture of cardiac therapeutic medicines and innovative musculoskeletal system treatment products. And this is only the first step on the way to development and implementation of the up-to-date assortment of medical means in the most socially meaningful segment of Ukrainian pharmaceutics market.



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